Choosing the Right LMS for Educational Institutions

Choosing the Right LMS for Educational Institutions

What an LMS is:
An LMS is called a variety of names: course management system (CMS), learning content management system (LCMS), virtual learning system (VLS), virtual learning environment (VLE) or an e-learning platform. Regardless of its name, this is coordinated software that supports development, delivery, assessment, and organization of courses in the traditional, blended, face-to-face or online environment. It is used to simplify, assess, monitor and plan for student learning.

How to choose the right LMS
To get the best LMS (learning management system) for an educational institution the decision should be conducted by a mix of faculty, the primary learners, administrators and the IT experts. The educational technology staff will have the primary role in the choice, but to have a successful change or addition in an LMS will take the combined efforts of all these members. Student needs also need to be a factor in the decision making.

It’s important to select the best LMS for an institution to attain a successful academic plan for its students, educational administrators and faculty. To gain this, educational managements need to:
* know the software and its advantages and disadvantage
* have a decision making committee for the LMS selection
* select criteria to decide what is the most important LMS for a specific institution
Whether the selection is to replace an LMS, or a new one- the considerations needed to be made are the same. Needs of an institution change and evolve, so it is likely an LMS will need to change eventually. Listed here are a few of the top LMS programs.

Ofabee offers colleges and schools a chance to save time and resources. Instructors are able to manage their courses by uploading materials in any location so that students can access from anywhere. The visceral interface assists students in finding their way through content in their own time and to take tests as needed. There is a built-in messaging system with optional course forums encouraging peer-to-peer discussions. This LMS measures students learning with online tests. It allows for the creation of unlimited questions to test on and the tests can be set up as a standard test or multiple choice. This system offers higher levels of learner engagement and satisfaction in using activities to learn.

Litmos LMS
Litmos is user-friendly and enables the rapid creation of web based courses. The courses are easy to distribute to learners on Mac, PC, iPad, iPhone and Android. Courses can be created in just minutes.

Grovo promises to make a team excited about an LMS. They provide over 5,000 training videos for the creation and uploading of content. It has 6x the data of other LMS allowing for a team to monitor learning. A team is available from Grovo to ensure that an institutions training and learning needs are met.

eThink provides technology management, strategic consulting and solutions. This system works with educational institutions helping them strengthen performance. It provides solutions through advanced data management, better educational experiences and increased accountability.